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Craig Ramsay 5 stars feedback

Indianapolis, IN 46220
Description Of Work: Mold forming in the basement
Comments: Excellent! My fiance was very concerned with some mold growing in the basement. She is very detailed and had scheduled 4 companies to come out to give us their opinion and what is needed to fix the problem. I am so thankful that the 1st company that came out was A-1 Indiana Waterproofing, Inc. because that is the only company we needed to meet! The owner, Wayne Roberts was extremely well informed, and did a complete evaluation of our basement. Wayne told us that there was no problem with our basement structually and our sump pump was working just fine. He gave us helpful tips and remedies to cure the mold on our free time. He even went thru a list of different molds and how each one affects us; however the mold that was growing was not a harmful type but needed to be removed. Basically, the mold that was forming was due to poor circulation and a dire need of a dehumidifier. Also, we had a lot of card board boxes in the basement in which the mold was feeding off of and Wayne said to purchase containers to store our miscellaneous items. Wayne recommended a few high quality dehumidifers (not the one you purchase at Lowes) and helped us narrow down the best one to purchase. The problem is fixed and I have a happy fiance . . . which makes a happy Craig Ramsay! Let me tell you, there are so many companies out there that take advantage of peoples worries and charge them a lot of money for something they don't need. A-1 was upfront and honest! I wanted to give Wayne a big hug (I didn't) because when my fiance is on a mission she pulls the trigger and spends money like it's growing on a tree! If we would've had any other company come by for their opinion, the odds were they would've take advantage of our worries and charged us an arm and a leg for something was easy to correct inexpensively. If you ever have a need for water proofing or concerns about your basement, call A-1! They are one of the most honest companies that I've ever met. Thanks again A-1. You definately have all of my referrals!
December 13, 2012

Xandra Hamilton 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They came out and waterproofed the basement. They had to do a considerable amount of jackhammering and running pipes, putting in a pump, etc.
Comments: I was pleased.
October 23, 2012

TOM WEINTRAUT 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Services rendered included new drain system and sump pump as well as new stone and vapor barrier in the crawl space under our home.
Comments: A-1 pushed us to front of list, due to family allergies. They were very timely and had a large crew that completed the job in 1 day. They had to come back, due to three minor issues that were overlooked with the first visit. They rectified those issues the same day that I called.
October 17, 2012

Jenene Lighty 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Basement window well was repairing and sealed. Area around window was prepped so that no more leaks occur.
Comments: We had water leak into our finished basement from our window and window well. A1 was prompt when coming out for an estimate. They knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it well. We are very pleased with their work.
October 12, 2012

Carolina Pimentel-Nelson 5 stars feedback
Carmel, IN 46032
Description Of Work: A-1 installed new exterior drainage lines for 3 pump lines coming out of our basement wall. They excavated under our driveway, placed new pipes underground and connected them to a water drainage. When I called them on a Friday they scheduled to meet with us the following day. Dell, came and explained what needed to be done. He gave us the estimate the same weekend and a week later they started the job. Also, Wayn, the owner of the company, met with me and review their plan, how it was going to be done and how long it would take and everything happened how he told me it would be. I would totally use their service again. Very satisfied. We interviewed 3 companies and we felt A-1 was the most professional plus they had great reviews.
Comments: Great. No more water coming into our basemen
September 27, 2012

Donna Wadleigh 5 stars feedback
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Description Of Work: A1 Waterproofing repaired a foundational problem with a very old house. They build a new block wall, installed a water drainage system outside to direct water away from the house and placed some new rough casting on the existing foundation.
Comments: We started the relationship with A1 a few years ago when obtaining quotes to repair a crumbling basement/cellar wall. They were patient and explained everything in detail, provided quotes and followed up. The decision to delay the work was made at that time. After realizing the problem wasn't going away and it wasn't going to fix itself (something the owner told me then), the decision was made to have them begin work. Within a few days of contacting them, they began the process of reviewing the problem again and suggesting a solution. Building a new wall and installing a system to help drain water away from the house was the solution. Within a week, work was started and completed. Everything looks great! I'm pleased with the outcome and have a new level of comfort knowing the home has been saved from further damage.
September 22, 2012

Gerald Mears 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: I had a basement wall collapse and they came to take care of that for me.
Comments: Member Comments: They did an excellent job.
July 12, 2012

Rita Hine 5 stars feedback
Rita Hine
Description Of Work: A sump pump was installed.
Comments: The experience was great overall! I was very satisfied. I would recommend him and I’d use his services again if needed.
May 01, 2012

Jeannine McNamara 5 stars feedback
Pendleton, IN 46064
Description Of Work: They encapsulated my crawlspace about three years ago.
Comments: It was a dirty and difficult job; they accomplished it with enthusiasm. They arrived on time, did what they said they would do, and met their obligations. They even exceeded my expectations and did a very good job!
April 25, 2012

Doris M Nolton 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They cut and removed concrete around exterior and interior walls of the basement, put in a base of sand and drainage pipe, drilled drain holes around exterior walls, poured and leveled concrete, installed sump pump and exterior drain.
Comments: The supervisor and three helpers were on time, knew exactly what to do, and cleaned up the mess as they went. After 40 years of moping and vacuuming water, Now I have a dry basement. I am very pleased with the job.
March 20, 2012

Dennis Hilton 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They did basement waterproofing.
Comments: The price was excellent, and they did good work. I did have a follow up call, and they responded very well to that.
March 05, 2012

Mike Andress 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Installation of a new Gator System around the perimeter of our basement and the installation of a new sump pump and pit. Also installed a new drain system for our washing machine that was discharging out to our front ditch and installed per code to discharge into the sewer/septic system.
Comments: We were visited by Wayne, the president of the company, He explained the problem we were having and even knew the company that installed our existing system years ago, (which was a lifetime warranty. Company no longer in business) so buyer beware. They were on time, workers were extremely personable and informative, performed exactly what they proclaimed that they would do and even came back to repair a couple minor issues associated with our old system. The thing that sold me on the integrity of this company was the washer drain system. I was concerned about discharging the water from the washer into the Septic and preferred to have it discharge to the front ditch. (which we have done for years) They explained to me that this did not meet code. They installed per code. Another contractor probably would have done as I requested but they did not. EXTREME PROFESSIONALISM ON THEIR PART! All in all. Great Job! We are extremely pleased.
PS. Four or Five years ago we hired a company to do some work down at my Mom and Dad's house in Columbus Indiana. My mom kept telling me to call the people that did theirs because they were so happy with them. GUESS WHAT. It was the same company!
February 17, 2012

Alice Hollingsworth 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They waterproofed my basement.
Comments: They did an excellent job. They were a little more expensive that other companies, but the customer service and the quality of work was worth the extra cost.
January 26, 2012

Michael Ruddy 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They provided us with an estimate on crawl space waterproofing, on a house that we were considering buying.
Comments: We contacted them to come out and look at the crawlspace, before we completed making an offer on the house. They were prompt, knowledgable and very clean! They gave us an estimate on the work that was needed. A very good experience!
November 23, 2011

Peter Schuh 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: We ordered an EZ Breathe system to be installed in basement. A-1 Indiana installed the unit.
Comments: The workers arrived as scheduled and went to work and got it done professionally. Bill came the next morning to inspect the work and sign off on paperwork. Very pleased with the process. Unit appears to work as promised to circulate air.
October 12, 2011

BILLY CRAWFORD 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Waterproofed our basement, they put pipes with holes in that moved water away from house. This company puts them below the footers of the house where as others put them above the footers.
Comments: No floods in basement for the last 4 yeas. They are the best of best.
October 06, 2011

Dick Kleiman 5 stars feedback
New Palestine, IN 46163
Description Of Work: Installed submersible PVC pressure relief drainage system 43 Lineal Ft inside basement perimeter, drilled block at footer level to relieve water standing in cavities of block wall. Installed cove plate to catch any future water from weep holes to system. Dug out existing sump pit and installed new using existing pump and discharge.
Comments: Mark Ruetsch was the A-1 Indiana Waterproofing inspector who recommended the required drainage system and quoted the job. Work was completed in less than 8 hrs. and done by a professional crew led by Ed (last name unknown). The crew was careful to clean as they worked and coordinated the tasks with real teamwork. Ed recommended the type of sump pump that I should buy in the future to better use the sump pit space for both the primary and backup sump pumps. We are anxious to see the efficiency of the new drainage system during the next major rain event.
October 03, 2011

LAURA SCHELLINGER 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Came out to evaluate existing waterproofing system in an investment property
Comments: They were great. We have a house that is an investment property but is a large 4 bedroom house. There was a waterproofing system in the basement when we bought it and we didnt' really know anything about it. We had some areas of moisture/mold on the walls and thought the system was failing. When the young man came out he explained that they are a family owned business and he walked through the basement and around the outside of the house. He gave me 2 suggestions for making sure that water was better diverted from the basement and said that we would likely be fine if we followed those suggestions. We did.....and it has worked! No new moisture and we recently repainted the basement. He easily could've told me that we need to do X-Y-and-Z to fix the existing waterproofing system but he made a point in saying that they value their reputation and that they aren't in business to take advantage of customers. What a great company!
September 28, 2011

DEBBIE CHAMP 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Waterproofed my basement. House built in 1919.
Comments: It was a scary proposition to have somebody come in and jackhammer around the perimeter of the basement! But I am SO glad I did it. A1 also put in a sump pump (of course). It appeared A1 had different crews for different phases of the project: jackhammer, rubble removal, pipe installation, sump installation, concrete installation. They put panels up my walls to contain direct any seepage down to the corrugated pipe installed in the floor. It was methodical and organized and fast. I have not had a drop in my basement since. I have a carpet down there now!
September 09, 2011

ANITA STOKES 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They replaced the oldest of our two sumps and added battery back-up to both of our sumps.
Comments: Our early spring rains showed us that we needed to address several problems in our water-logged basement. Two of the three companies we contacted to give us estimates of the work needed to solve our water problem mentioned that the oldest sump (already in the basement when we bought the house in 1983) was positioned too high and needed to be redone. A-1 Waterproofing put in a French drain and the second sump pump about 10 years ago. We asked them to give us an estimate to re-do the oldest sump and to put in a battery back-up for both sumps. They gave us an estimate that was better than the other companies, and since we liked what they had done for us 10 years earlier, we chose them to do the work. It was done in a day. Of course, we have not been able to test the new sumps since the long, hot, rainless July followed.
August 14, 2011

Jenny Spencer 5 stars feedback
Carmel, IN 46032
Description Of Work: Installed 5 fiberlock stabilization strips on south wall. Clean and tuck point all cracks on south wall allowing more stabilization plus can monitor future movement
Comments: 20 years ago the owner (Wayne) water proofed my Dad's tri level house. When there was an incident, A-1 came out and fixed it free of charge. Dad was impressed with the quality of work and responsiveness of A-1. As a result, A-1 came highly recommended for my requested services of stabilizing the south wall in my home built in the 1940's. Randall (Dell) Philips came over to give me an estimate.He spent several hours with me and explained all of my options when he saw the wall. I advised that I would need a month or two to come up with the money. He accepted a down payment of with the remaining balance due at completion. When I called back, Randall came out with Wayne and sat down to speak with me and Dad so that we knew exactly what was to be done. On the day of repair they were punctual and polite. I came home on my lunch hour to drop off a check and they were done. The basement wall looks stable and is guaranteed for 10 years. I am completely satisfied with the work. I mentioned that I may sell in the near future so Randy offered an transferrable warranty. I would highly reccomment A-1.
June 16, 2011

Frederick Seddon III 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: I used A 1 Indiana Waterproofing Inc to get an estimate. They quoted me in April.
Comments: They were professional. They explained things. They were on time. They were knowledgeable. I would consider getting a quote from them in the future.
Transcribed from a telephone interview
June 06, 2011

Michael & Mary-Jane Donahue 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Wayne Roberts made two trips and explained in detail what his company does to waterproof a crawl space. not only do they drill weep holes in the cinderblock, they excavate around the inside crawl space perimeter,install PVC drain pipe (not the type you see in gutter run offs but actual piping, slope the piping toward the sump pump well. Price included this work, a new sump pump, build up of center of crawl space, vapor barrier installed, crushed stone above the piping, installed EZ breathe ventilation system, and closing of crawl space venting so only EZ breathe system is source of ventilation. price also included all electrical work that was needed.
Comments: due to weather a large crew was sent to do the work in one day. the crew was efficient and finished in about 6 hours. All debris and unused material was removed. On second day the supervisor returned to make sure all electrical work was finished and he started the ventilation system.
April 28, 2011

Mary E Salmon 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: My basement was flooding.
Comments: I asked them to help me fix my problem, and they made a suggested one thing that I did, and they did they other, which solved the problem. They did some chipping in the basement w/ a jackhammer. They had someone come in on a side job so it cost even less. I would recommend them highly, because this saved me a lot of money on an issue that was really bothering me, and it kept my basement dry.
April 18, 2011

MARY & MARK GROVE 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Waterproofed crawl space. Installed new sump pump. Installed outlet conduit to remove water from crawl space and direct it to exterior of home.
Comments: We wanted to replace portable sump pumps (which demanded time and effort to install each time we had significant rain). We checked Angie's list and got a few estimates. We chose A1 Waterproofing. They did the job efficiently and correctly. We have had more than a year to "test" out whether their method worked, and we've been satisfied that it is working correctly.
April 15, 2011

Kipp Rowland 5 stars feedback
Indianapolis, IN
Description Of Work: I called A-1 for an estimate on water leaking with the basement. The company rep showed up on time and was extremely helpful with showing me my options and ways for me to fix the problem myself. In the end, the estimate did not cost me a dime and the advice was very helpful.
Comments: Overall the experience with the company was great, I would recommend A-1 Indiana for everyone that I know.
February 17, 2011

DALE ANDREWS 5 stars feedback
CARMEL, IN 46033
Description Of Work: They redid half of my basement.
Comments: They were excellent. I like the quality of the employees and the drainage system that they use. They don’t try to oversell and are very honest.
December 14, 2010

BESSIE STICKLE 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: I used Mr. Build Custom Remodeling about 3 weeks ago and they put in a crawl space door and a humidifier.
Comments: I would tell others that were looking to use them that they were very polite, came on time and gave me an accurate estimate. When they came to do the work, they came when they said they would, did the work and cleaned up after themselves.
Transcribed from a telephone interview
November 11, 2010

Marcy Carmichael 5 stars feedback
CARMEL, IN 46032
Description Of Work: Remove all insulation from ceiling and walls of crawl space and discard. Remove and discard old vapor barrier. Excavate for pit and drain system. Install sump pit with lid. Install drain system, gravity flow. Drill weep holes in block wall cavities to drain moisture from walls. Backfill system with #8 stone. Install 6 mil. vapor barrier on ground.
Comments: I was referred to this company by a American Mold, a mold remediation company. Our crawl space was holding water and the mold company said we needed to take care of waterproofing before removing mold. They called A-1 during our initial consultation and we were able to schedule a site visit later that same day. Sales rep. Gene Dick was courteous and helpful in explaining our problem and A-1's solution. We were able to schedule quickly and the work was completed within one day. The work is completely lifetime warrantied (transferrable to new owners should we decide to sell some day) and the sump is warrantied for one year. I am very pleased with the work A-1 completed. If central Indiana ever gets rain again, we'll be able to test the effectiveness of their solution, but so far, so good.
September 30, 2010

richard reed 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: crawlspace was completely sealed and new visqueen moisture barrier was installed. a ventillation system was then installed. according to crawlspace experts, the project was done to excellent result. we are very pleased.
Comments: we had a crawlspace moisture issue. we decided that a ventillation system was needed once the crawl was resealed.
August 22, 2010

SUZANNE SYLVESTER 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: My house was built in 1939 & I got water leaking into my basement, all around the foundation, whenever we had heavy rains. Not only was it annoying, but several boxes got wet & I noticed mold growing on the basement walls. A man named Glen came out for the estimate. He explained very clearly what the procedure would be to waterproof my basement. It involved trenching the floor all around the perimeter whereby the concrete was removed down to the dirt next to the foundation. Then perforated PVC pipe would be laid, the pipes would be connected & go to a submerged sump pump & the discharge opening would be cut through the brick wall to my back yard so that the water could be captured & then pumped out.
Comments: I needed to get other people to help me pack everything up & get another crew to pull all the built-ins away from the walls so that the waterproofing crew would have access. I had been scheduled for the sump pump to be installed around September 1st, but I finished with the preliminary work sooner than I thought. I called Bill Verhonik & he was able to find an opening in their schedule so the crew could start on my project earlier. The men started on August 19th & got all the excavation work done in one day. Today, the 20th, they laid the pipe, made all the connections, sunk the sump pump, filled the trenches in with gravel & then cemented over the top of the dug out area. The whole crew was polite, hard working, very respectful of my home & yard. Plus they invited me & my grandson downstairs to show us their progress & answer any questions we had about how the whole thing would work once everything was hooked up.
August 20, 2010

GWEN SPREHN 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: A-1 Indiana Waterproofing Inc did some fairly extensive waterproofing. They installed a sump pump and sealed up foundation cracks.
Comments: We were very pleased with their work and I would give them all A's. They were prompt and efficient.
Transcribed from a telephone interview
January 08, 2010

ANNE & DAVE MOORE 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: estimate for water proofing on room in the basement
Comments: Wayne Roberts came out to give me a quote for waterproofing one room in our basement where we were getting a little bit of water that would collect on the floor. He did not try to sell me his system but instead took the time to diagnose the problem as coming from the bay window above the basement. He then took the time to show me where he believed the water was coming in and explained that we could most likely cement the loose mortar and make the repairs to the window ourselves. This would save us a lot of time and money tackling the issue this way first to see if a simple repair to the window would fix our water problem. I really appreciate Wayne being honest and seeking to help us resolve our problem simply and reasonably. His honesty and desire to help instead of just make a sale will ensure that I'll call him first if I ever do have a water problem in my basement. It is nice to know that honesty is still alive and well! Wayne was great.
November 16, 2009

nicole schuster 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: I got an estimated from A-1 Indiana Waterproofing.
Comments: They told me that I didn't need to do any work to repair my basement. Since they told me I could do it for zero money, I'm waiting to see if that solution works. I got an appointment within a couple of days of calling them and they were prompt in getting here. So far, their advice is working and I appreciate their honesty.
Transcribed from a telephone interview
October 15, 2009

MIKE MORROW 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They water-proofed my basement from the inside.
Comments: They dug down a foot away from the wall and put in 4 inch piping. They also installed a 24 volt battery backup system. It seems to have worked well. After the last big rain I had no water in the basement.
August 24, 2009

JOY MASTERSON 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Waterproofed basement with trench & wall shield, placed 6 carbon-fiber wall stabilizers on south wall, installed new basement window & window well, cleaned crawl space of substantial debris left when home was constructed 37 years ago, built up two eroded corners of crawl space under support beams, installed ventilators in basement & crawl space to remove humidity, & laid 6ml visqueen barrier in crawl space. The men were polite, efficient, knowledgeable and even humorous. They explained things to me, respected my home & cleaned up all the work debris. The crew of Ron, Al, Derrick, Kevin and Bill were terrific. They obviously enjoy their work and work well together. Wayne, the founder and salesman, really knows his business & has well-deserved pride in his company. I highly recommend A-1 Indiana Waterproofing. Today we had a 7' rain with flooding in central Indiana and my basement and crawl space are dry and odor free.
Comments: It began on time and ended earlier than I expected. Everything went great.
August 04, 2009

BARBARA & JOSEPH TRAUB 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They came out and gave us an estimate initially. They waterproofed our basement.
Comments: They were responsive, professional, didn't leave any mess and were easy to work with. We haven't had any humidity problems since. They were excellent - they did a good job explaining things. I would recommend them to others.
March 30, 2009

JULIE DREWES 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: I had a flood so they had to drill holes and make moats so the water would drain properly. They also had to install a dehumidifier.
Comments: I am very happy with them. I really liked the guarantee that they offered. They were very efficient. They explained to me how everything was going to work and what I needed to do. It took them longer then I would have liked with the dehumidifier. They didn't get to order the window on time, it was only a week late, but they did compensate me with vented window.
October 06, 2008

VIRGINIA MOORHEAD 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They put drainage pipes all the way around the cellar and a dual sump pump at one end with a battery back up and reinforcement stripping around the outside walls.
Comments: They did very well. I'd recommend them, all of the employees did a very good job, were very nice and seemed to know what they were doing.
October 02, 2008

DIANE FRIEDMAN 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Our house was built in 1960. When we bought it, we found that the crawl space liner was damaged, the vents did not work well and there was lots of building debris in the space. We asked this company to clean out the space, install a new liner, automatic vents and replace the light bulbs. I had an additional concern some months later and they attended to it for no extra cost.
Comments: They were very responsive, careful and above all, did a very good job in responding to my questions and concerns. I would be very happy to recommend them and use them again. I felt reassured that they had done a complete job.
August 29, 2008

JANNA SKELTON 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Trench in basement around 3 walls, installed waterproofing system, gravel and concrete over trench. Re-sealed 2 improperly sealed drains. Installed sump pump and battery back up system.
Comments: Ed and the guys did an excellent job. They called and informed me about arrival time and departure time, and answered all of my questions. They were very professional, and both the work and clean up were fantastic. I was treated very well and was extremely happy with their work!
August 25, 2008

ANDERSON CAVILEAR 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They waterproofed my basement.
Comments: They did a great job making the higher cost worth the work. They were willing to work with us to get what we needed. They were able to help us faster than anyone else right after the storm. We would use A-1 Indiana Waterproofing again.
July 21, 2008

PATRICIA HARDING 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They raised our house and fixed underneath the living room.
Comments: They were very professional and they did a very good job, they were on time and prompt. I would recommend them and I would use them again. They were very friendly.
July 18, 2008

KARYN PRINE 5 stars feedback
CARMEL, IN 46032
Description Of Work: They had FIXED our problem but we were now having trouble in another area, they came out and searched to find the origin of the new path the water was making. It was not from their fixed area, but they still searched, found it to be a structural problem with gutter etc. They diverted the water flow until I could get someone to fix the gutter problem.
Comments: I could not ask for a nicer, more honest group! Everyone I talked to from the woman that answers the phone to the guys who get soaked looking for why we were getting a pond in the basement every time it rained. This truly is a class company! If, there is anything they do, that I need, they will be my first call every time.
May 29, 2008

RICHARD GILBERT 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: The company cut a trench around the perimeter of the interior basement walls, installed a drainage system and sump pump, and then filled in the trench with new concrete flooring. All waste materials were removed from the premises and the floor was cleaned.
Comments: The work was completed in 2 days total and was done to my complete satisfaction. Setting a time up for them to come do the work was very easy, and the time frame for them to come was within 2 weeks or less. This was a completely professional job, the workmen were very courteous, and the house remained clean despite the dirty nature of the work being performed.
January 06, 2008

SARAH Morgan 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They dug up a perimeter around the basement wall, installed drainage piping and gravel, filled with concrete. Installed sump pump and ran drainage to outside. Installed waterproof paneling over basement walls.
Comments: They were very professional and answered all of our questions at the time of scheduling and leading up to the project. They worked with up to schedule things in a timely manner once we decided to go with them. The job was completed in 3 days, an entire day sooner than expected. They hung plastic to divide the basement from the living areas and covered our belongings in the basement while they were working. They did charge more than some estimates that we got from other companies, but A1 was the most professional and most knowledgeable in answering our questions and addressing our concerns. My husband is an engineer, so he had very specific questions and wanted to be sure that they were all taken care of. A1 did a great job! Worth paying slightly more than the lowest estimate.
December 15, 2007

CINDY ZIPERMAN 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: In our very wet crawlspace, they trenched around the entire perimeter, laid drainage pipes, added more gravel, and covered it with very heavy black plastic. They drilled drainage holes in the cinder block to facilitate drainage and to decrease the amount of water pressure on the foundation. They trimmed the insulation to make sure it would not get wet, and they replaced the sump pump.
Comments: It will be very difficult to explain just how wonderful these men were and what a fantastic job they did. The estimate appointment provided us with all the information we would need to make an informed choice. Every phone call was answered right away, and every appointment was kept. They arrived on time just as arranged. They were polite and very friendly. They never wasted a moment during the two day job.
December 05, 2007

BILLY CRAWFORD 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: They waterproofed my basement last March also installed two sump pumps.
Comments: A few days after they finished the work we had three inches or more of rain and my basement stayed dry. I would use them again for the same service. Gene Dick was very helpful, patient and friendly. They ran into a few problems doing the waterproofing, but they dealt with all the problems that came up. They cleaned up after they were finished with the project.
October 29, 2007

MS CARL NICKEL 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Removed perimeter concrete floor of 24x20 basement plus a small outside area to basement entrance. Put in perimeter gravel and piping and poured concrete flooring over it. Also replaced the sump pit.
Comments: The salesman, Gene Dick was very helpful. He knows the business inside & out, and explained waterproofing method thorough tremendous rainstorms our basement is completely dry, a first after enduring 50 years of damp and wet floors. The installer crew was hard working, competent and above all, professional, and polite. This was an "A+" experience.
May 04, 2007

ANDREA COX 5 stars feedback
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Description Of Work: Got an estimate for basement waterproofing (via exterior foundation grading).
Comments: Came out very quickly and looked at the job (exterior foundation grading and basement window well build-up) that we wanted to have done. A-1 could not complete the job because it is not part of what they do, but recommended another contractor. They also gave us information about what exactly to have done. This gave us the confidence to do the work ourselves with the help of a family member who is a retired contractor. We were very happy with A-1's professionalism and honesty. I would recommend them for their knowledge about home improvement!
October 16, 2006

DAVID EVERETTS 5 stars feedback
Description Of Work: Installed sump pump and peripheral crawl space drain.
Comments: Mr. Dick gave a competitive estimate and explained options thoroughly. Mr. Ed Moore, as crew chief, ran a tight ship. The crew was polite, punctual, hard working, protected floors, and treated clean-up as if it was their own home. Great job!
September 01, 2006

Description Of Work: Project began as a basement waterproofing system and became a complete foundation rebuild when one of the walls collapsed. All new concrete block walls were constructed along with floor repair, joist support, and removal of debris.
Comments: Bill and Wayne were wonderful to work with. This was a nightmare job with extensive unforeseen complications on a nearly 100 year-old basement. They were exceptional throughout the entire process and extremely professional.
August 21, 2006

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