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Cove Joint

Cove Joint seepage

The cove joint is the joint where the wall and floor meet. With hydrostatic pressure, water can build up under the foundation and seep through the cove joint. A-1 Indiana Waterproofing will generally not try to seal a cove joint leak. Instead, we will install an internal drainage system to directly solve the water pressure problem, instead of just patching it.

While other companies will try to seal this area, we believe that it's not the best solution to the problem. If you seal the cove, the pressure from the water in the soil outside the home is going to continue to build up and build up until it eventually breaks through the seal. This means you're going to have a damaged cove joint and some serious moisture issues and damage on your hands to deal with.


The Gator Waterproofing System

Gator Waterproofing System

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing's crew will install The Gator Waterproofing System, an interior basement waterproofing drain system which will collect water from this area, and from the nearby floors and walls. The water will be directed to a sump pump where it will eventually be pumped out and away from the home to a safe distance where it won't be able to do any damage or seep back into the soil.

Our drain system can be installed quickly, and the pipe will be set up along the perimeter of your basement along the walls. It will rest on a bed of small gravel or rocks to help keep it in place, and it will be attached to your sump pump. If you don't already have a pump installed, we can take care of this for you, as well.

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