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Floor Drain

Floor drains are designed to drain any water from the basement floor to an exterior sewer or pipe system. Although water may rise from the drain, this is generally not something we can fix but rather prevent from happening.

A lot of older homes have these basement drains installed. Over time, they can get clogged with dirt, debris, and it's possible that tree roots have actually made their way through the underground piping and are preventing water from draining away like normal. Clogs and basement drain repairs are generally fixed with plumbing experts, but A-1 Indiana Waterproofing we are interested in getting rid your basement water problems before they occur.


The Gator Pit Sump Pump

Sump Pump System

The Gator Waterproofing System works best with a sump pump to to pump the water out when overloaded by rain water and flooded floor drains. We recommend our full basement waterproofing installation package which include the interior water drain that attaches directly to our Gator Pit sump pump. We follow proper protocol when it comes to redirecting surface water captured by your sump pump so that you have no issues and most importantly no leaks or floods. That's why we offer our efficient sump pump installation and/or repair for your basement. This guarantees a reliable basement waterproofing setup that will never fail provided by our professionals here at A-1 Indiana Waterproofing.


The Gator Waterproofing System

Gator Waterproofing System

If you truly want to protect this area underneath your home, it would be a good idea to get a secondary waterproofing system installed for extra protection. We recommend having our interior drain system installed. The drain will be set up along the perimeter of your basement walls that will direct the moisture away from your home once it reaches a certain level. This will help to keep your basement dry, safe, and healthy - regardless of whether or not your floor drains are clogged or not.

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