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Tie Rod

Tie Rod Leak Problem

When concrete is poured for a basement foundation, steel tie rods are used to strengthen the concrete. Over time, these rods can rust and crack, leaving holes in the concrete for water to pass through into your basement.

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing can easily repair tie rod leakage problems from either the interior or exterior of a home. This is a common basement problem that not many homeowners really give much thought to. However, if this was the material used in the construction of your home, it's a problem that you need to be familiar with.


Hydraulic Cement

We can make use of hydraulic cement to plug the tie rod hole so that you don't have to worry about it letting moisture into this space below your home. It's a quick fix to an annoying problem that could result in thousands of dollars in water damage and cause more basement waterproofing damage. This technique has proven itself time and time again to be effective at plugging all types of tie rod openings.


Epoxy Injection

If you have cracks near your tie rod, we can make use of an epoxy injection technique that will be able to fill and seal the openings so that they don't let moisture inside. The process begins with us cleaning off the surface of the crack so that dirt can't get inside when we are fixing it. Next, we seal the crack from the soil to the surface, sealing and protecting it against any kind of seepage problem.

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