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Top of Foundation

Top of Foundation

If the top of the foundation of your home lies below the surface of the ground, water will often buildup along the outside of your home and leak over the foundation into the basement. Many home owners lack a water drain system for their yard and surrounding areas around their home. Especially with gutter installations there's no telling where all the rain water truly goes without a proper yard drain system. Eventually this water leads to the foundation seam and begins to break through to the top of your foundation wall leaking into the basement.


Waterproofing Membrane

By working from the exterior of your home, A-1 Indiana Waterproofing are able to avoid disturbing the interior of your basement completely. We take great care to maintain the appearance of your exterior landscaping, and use minimal excavation techniques to install a waterproof membrane. The membrane ensures that water buildup around your home will not reach the top of the foundation, and will instead be drained naturally, or with assistance from a drainage pipe system. This is a very reliable basement waterproofing technique.


Sump Pump

Sump Pump System

One of the most vital elements for a situation like this is to have a sump pump attached to a waterproofing system that can dispose of the water from within the ground. No matter how durable the waterproofing membrane is this only protects the foundation walls. Once the water goes underground you'll need our Gator Waterproofing System that grabs the water and directs it straight to a sump pump that flows out through your water line. A perfect and clean solution.

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