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Window Well Leak

Window Well Leak

For homes with window well leaks, this is often a common problem amongst home owners with lower level basements below ground. Often times, these windows aren't sealed properly, and this can cause serious problems as time passes. When it rains, water will build up next to your foundation, and if you have windows in your basement that weren't sealed properly, the water will seep inside and run down the walls. This can leave unsightly stains, and it can also cause damage to the floor, cove joint, and to anything you have stored in this area of your home.


Epoxy Window Seal

We can come to your home and add the necessary seals around your windows and wells. This means that when there is a heavy downpour, you won't need to worry about moisture getting inside and causing problems.


Window Well Drain

It doesn't stop there - eventually this water can flood above your window well and in turn begin to flood over to the top foundation area surrounding the house. That's why having window well drain installed can stop these problems at the source and gives your overall home waterproofing an extra outlet for water trafficking.


The Gator Waterproofing System

Gator Waterproofing System

To better improve the protection of your foundation, we also recommend The Gator Waterproofing System. This will combine the efforts of the window well drain that dumps water directly into the Gator System. The drains will be installed along the perimeter of your basement walls, and it will be connected to an efficient sump pump that will be able to direct water out and away from your family's home with ease. Never again will you need to worry about coming home or waking up to a basement that has puddles on the floor from leaking windows. A-1 Indiana Waterproofing guarantees that our products will work and we stand behind all of of our systems and services.

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