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EZ-Breathe™ Ventilation System

EZ-Breathe™ Crawl Space Conditioner

If mold and humidity are of concern, our company offers the newest crawl space dehumidifiers (conditioners) by EZ-Breathe™ Ventilation Systems. These ventilation systems are conditioners for the atmosphere and surrounding air underneath your home. By eliminating moisture and vapor through a filtration process, all efforts of mold growth will cease to exist. If you already have mold, having a dehumidifier will help eliminate this substance over time by slowly 'starving' it from water particles. With our team of experts you can expect a professional installation that will provide the mold protection you need.

EZ-Breathe™ Crawl Space Conditioner Product Info
EZ-Breathe™ Crawl Space Conditioner

Benefits of Our Crawl Space Demuhidifier

The following are a few of the advantages to our crawl space dehumidifier system:

  • Remove the gallons of water vapor that enter your crawl space daily
  • Reduces mold and mildew, and musty odors
  • Protects your foundation from decay
  • Provides a healthy indoor environment throughout the whole home
  • Energy efficient at only $2 - $4 per month
  • Removes allergy and asthma triggers
  • Creates whole home Air exchanges
  • Combats the natural 'stack effect' by exhausting foundation air, and protecting indoor air by preventing polluted crawl space ait from entering living space

The EZ-Breathe™ Crawl Space Conditioner is designed to perform three different aspects of purification. Expel damp, contaminated air from the crawl space, effectively reducing the natural stack effect. It then replenished contaminated air with dry, clean air to condition crawl spaces and assist with ventilation of your home. It then effectively ventilates the home, creating air exchanges in accordance with the US EPA guidelines.

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