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Chance Piers

Chance Pier Systems - Foundation Settlement Repair

Our company provides top-of-line industrial strength piers for both new construction homes and homes suffering from problematic soil conditions. We provide foundation settlement repair using our push piers and helical piers that differ in purposes. Each has a unique benefit that are designed to address specific needs. For sinking foundations above soft soil we use push piers, while harder soil can utilize helical piers. Combined with our expert contractors that are certified by all Indiana state building code regulations for modifications, make each project a safe installation.

Foundation Settlement
Chance Foundation Piers

Benefits of Our Foundation Piers

The following are a few of the problems that our pier systems repair on your home:

  • Windows and doors that stick or are hard to open
  • Gaps in window and door frames
  • Interior plaster walls cracking
  • Nail pops in ceilings and walls
  • Leaning walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Tilting chimney
  • Sinking foundation
  • Cracks in foundation or basement walls

Chance Foundation Pier Brochure

Chance Foundation Piers Brochure

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Chance Push Piers

Chance Push Piers

This cost-effective solution doesn’t require heavy equipment that can damage your landscaping and can be installed year-round in just a few days–even in limited access areas. Our Foundation Pier System has been evaluated by the International Code Council and is installed only by Chance certified installers. The purpose of push piers is to drill further underground, resting your home onto load-bearing soil or rock directly from the piers.

Chance Helical Piers

Chance Helical Piers

Our Helical Pier System has proven to be a reliable, predictable solution to foundation problems and is installed only by Chance certified installers. This particular system can be installed year-round in just a few days–even in limited access areas. The purpose of helical piers is an alternative solution for utilizing harder soil conditions, and having a new construction pier that can be installed before building.

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