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Bowed Walls

bowed wall

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing provides bowed wall repair for homeowners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas experiencing bowed walls that threaten the structural integrity of their foundation. A home is usually the biggest investment a person or family makes - not to mention the value of the possessions contained within it. A bowed wall can cause irreparable damage to the house and contents making it important to secure, stabilize and correct deteriorating basement walls -- before it's too late.

Bowed, cracked or leaning basement walls are a sign that something is going very wrong with the structural integrity of your property. This issue happens when hydrostatic pressure from too much water building up against the walls, or the soil that is around your property swells and exerts pressure that forces the foundation or bowed basement wall inward.

Until now, homeowners had few choices for repairing foundation walls, except to excavate around the wall and build a new basement wall. This solution is expensive, time consuming, and destructive to landscaping. Not only that , the problem can recur if the wall is not properly rebuilt or if steps are not taken to correct the causes of the initial deterioration. We have a large service area in Indiana for bowed wall repair services that we provide for homeowners needing reliable solutions for bowed walls.


Wall Anchors


Wall anchors are a proven foundation repair technique for leaning walls under a home. Their installation can typically be finished in a day, and there isn't much excavation required for your lawn. The anchor is installed deep in the earth in stable, load-bearing strata. A wall plate will be attached in your basement on the damaged wall. The two products will be connected to each other with a steel rod that can be tightened over time to provide the necessary lateral pressure required to push your wall back to where it needs to be.


Carbon Fiber Supports

Fiberlock Carbon Fiber Supports

Carbon fiber supports help to strengthen and stabilize a wall that is bowing into the home. These reinforcements are made from strong, metal materials that will never bend, break, or rust. They will be able to straighten your walls and put them back into their original upright position. These carbon fiber supports also stand the test of time, never deteriorating. No matter how old your home may be or how long they hold up your foundation walls, carbon fiber is built to last forever and stay sturdy.


Helical Tie Back

Helical Tie Back Pier

A helical tie back anchor is also commonly used to fix a bowed wall underneath a home. They can be installed quickly and work in a similar fashion as wall anchors.

The type of repair method used on your home will greatly depend on how serious the problem is, and the degree of leaning. Our professionals will gladly address any questions or concerns that you may have along the way.

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