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Basement Floor Cracks

Floor Crack

Although it is very common for concrete basement floors to crack, the presence of hydrostatic pressure can turn floor cracks into water leakage problems. Generally, the concrete floor of a basement provides no structural support for a foundation, and small cracks can be ignored. However, water pressure can build up under the floor and seep through the cracks.

When homeowners don't have a finished basement, they tend to ignore any kind of cracks they see underneath their home - regardless of how big or small they may be. They figure that the cracks aren't really letting in that much water, so why should they worry? You need to understand that it doesn't matter how much water you actually see getting inside; eventually this crack is going to get worse and let in a ton of moisture. This water is going to damage the floor, the walls, and anything you have stored down here in this area of your home.


Slab Piers

slab piers

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing's answer to sinking foundation floor cracks with concrete floors or a failing concrete slab is the installation of strong slab piers. Our Slab Pier System is an effective foundation repair method and has the ability to level and stabilize existing concrete floors in your home. The A-1 Indiana slab pier system makes use of robust tube steel to extend support of the slab to stable soils underneath the ground. A reinforced concrete bulb is then made at each pier location under the slab to supply consistent bearing support and to properly shift the weight from the slab, to the top of the pier, and to the deeper, stronger soils.


Epoxy Injection

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing also uses epoxy injection for floor cracks. Once the origin of the problem is fixed via slab piers, we use a highly advanced and water resistant epoxy sealant to seal the crack once and for all. This guarantees that once the pressure is lifted to fix the issue no water will seep through. Never again will you have to worry about your basement floor leaking or flooding.

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