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Foundation Wall Crack

Wall Crack

As the concrete in your foundation ages and begins to deteriorate, foundation wall cracks may begin to appear in poured concrete walls. This is a very common source of water leakage into basements. Small cracks are easily repaired with either interior or exterior techniques.

Small concrete wall cracks that are leaking water extend from the interior of your foundation to the exterior. This allows A-1 Indiana Waterproofing to address the problem from either side, or custom tailor a solution to your unique foundation repair situation.


Wall Anchors

wall anchors

We first address the problem through it's origin, the very thing that cause the wall crack in the first place. With buckling or bowing walls that often begin as a crack, we recommend wall anchor systems be put in place. This will stop any further wall cracks if they were created by shifting soils that started to bow and buckle the foundation walls. In rare cases wall cracks can also be caused by foundation settlement issues which would require our foundation piers to be installed as well.


Carbon Fiber Supports

Fiberlock Carbon Fiber Supports

Many times, when a home has noticeable interior cracks in the basement, it's because of a leaning wall problem. This can be taken care of through the use of special wall reinforcements that will be able to provide the strength needed to stop the walls from bowing inward anymore or producing any additional cracks - this also will allow us to be able to fill the existing cracks using our epoxy injection technique so that they never leak.


Epoxy Injection

If your basement interior is unfinished, small cracks can be repaired with an epoxy injection, sealing the crack permanently and stopping the water leakage completely. If your basement is finished, an exterior sealant can be used. Both solutions will permanently resolve foundation wall cracks.

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